Guided Hikes in Southern California

Get off that treadmill and climb a mountain. Go on group Guided Hikes on some of the most scenic and beautiful trails in southern California.

Hikers of all ability levels are encouraged to come. Hike at your own pace while you remain in radio contact with your guide to navigate you through the terrain where we will regroup periodically. The Trails are of varying difficulty are posted on the Calendar and rated by incline, length and difficulty of terrain.


Mike Maio is the Owner and Master Trainer of PUSH Personal Training. He is a U.S.A. Cycling Coach, Champion Cyclist, Expert Hiker and Long time community organizer for ecology and sustainable trails in Preserves and Parks. He’s, has performed rescues as a private citizen as well as serving on the National Mountain Bike Patrol. Mike is CPR certified, was a Combat Lifesaver in the ARMY 101st Airborne DIV. and is trained in various types of first aid. You are in good hands.