Personal Training
The Fit, the Fat & the Skinny

We live in a society that is not only overweight, but also obsessed with appearance. As a society, we tend to be reactive rather than proactive to our problems, and this has resulted in a proliferation of artificial solutions to our fitness and health needs. The attitude of wanting “instant fitness” has made us susceptible to countless fraudulent health scams such as: fad diets, bogus exercise equipment and fitness routines, and so called “magic pills” that are supposed to immediately erase years of “the McDonald’s diet” and physical inactivity. Even medical doctors have fallen prey to this thinking, and are focused on treating symptoms instead of the underlying health problems.

FAT Loss

Notice we didn’t say weight loss like every one else? That’s because one needs to be very specific about how and what type of weight gets lost. A person's Body Composition (Fat Mass vs. Lean Mass) will tell much about their fitness. Fat has 3500/calories per pond and Targeting FAT and Fat alone can means you must intelligently maximize every potential hour of your day and every minute of your workout.

Lean Body Mass

Lean body mass (good mass) is the part of you that does the calorie burning. If you lose your lean mass while in the process of losing weight you will be losing your ability to naturally burn calories and thus your long term ability to lose weight. Lean mass is the most important factor regarding your metabolism, and losing it puts you in a downward spiral that over time would leave you far worse off than ever before. This is why people gain more and more as they get older. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise lower your lean mass and metabolism, which reduces the amount of calories you expend no matter what you are doing. At Push we prescribe a special blend of proper diet, cardio, resistance exercise and interval training. Leave one of these out and you will never maximize your ability to lose FAT.

Is Your Fitness Complete?

Your body needs to be properly suited for every intended activity or else performance will suffer and injury will occur. We make your weak link your strongest so that your Given Ability will be able to shine thru. At PUSH we have broke down fitness into its core elements and make sure to give each client a solid foundation. We call these the 7 fitness fundamentals.

The 7 Fitness Fundamentals

  • Strength, strength is the maximum amount of force you can produce.
    Why this is important: It gives you power in addition to a healthy metabolism and a proper muscular infrastructure. It also prevents injury to cartilage, ligaments and bones during activity by absorbing impact.
  • Agility: ability to move your body, with precision, upon command. Why this is important: Connecting your brain to your muscles will make you functionally stronger. Power without finesse is: inefficient, less effective and prone to injury.
  • Endurance: the ability to sustain strength for extended periods of time (Strength x Time). Why this is important: Most activities require power to be either repeated sustained for a period of time. Endurance can keep your performance level maintained, up to several hours into an activity.
  • Balance: the ability to maintain and adjust ones center of gravity while at rest or in motion. Why this is important: Without stability your brain will not allow your muscles to be recruited fully and precisely. Proper balance will help performance in all sports and will prevent a variety of injuries.
  • Flexibility: the range of motion of the muscles and joints. Why this is important: As we age joints become compromised, and muscles shorten. If we do not use the full range of motion of our joints and elongate the muscles that support them we become “Old” in a muscle-skeletal type of way. Flexibility will allow your body greater usability and prevent injury by distributing your movements to multiple joints rather than just overloading one or two.
  • Speed: The ability to move fast in all directions Why this is important: All sports utilize speed in various forms and proper training should incorporate the movements with a comparable match of the speed found in ones respective sport. This prepares the body for Fast Twitch Movements, prevents injury and enhances sports performance.
  • Recovery: the ability for your body to repair and adapt itself to any imposed demand. (Nutrition + Rest). Why this is important: Without proper recovery, exercise can actually work against you. The trauma that the body endures during exercise only becomes beneficial when it has the time and materials necessary to rebuild it. Don’t “Train in Vain”.