Youth Programs
Youth Fitness Programs (ages 5 & up)

I love working with kids, whether it’s teaching your child basic motions and movements like sprinting, jumping and throwing, or molding your child into an athletic superstar. We can take ANY kid to the next level, all while helping to improve his or her self-esteem. Our mission is to find and hone your child’s talents while improving areas where they may struggle in order to make them a more balanced athlete. We will also find ways to help motivate and give them a disciplined, hard work ethic.

The time in which we are living in is unprecedented. Never before has the bulk of our population had sedentary lives, kids included. Video games and the dangers of crimes against children are on the rise while P.E. in school is on the decline, all this has migrated our kids indoors where they are left to waste away. It then can be no surprise to know that children and teenagers are the fastest growing segment of high obesity rates. At Push we will show your kids the value of exercise and begin them on the path to health that will help give them lifelong success.